How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes in 5 Super Easy Steps

Your makeup brushes are an essential part of your beauty routine but a lot of us are guilty of not cleaning them.
Dirty makeup brushes can  be a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to rashes and spots! 🙁
Recently we asked our followers about their makeup brush hygiene this is what they had to say:
  • 59% of our followers said they clean their brushes regularly

  • 36% of followers said they washed their brushes weekly, while 64% said they only wash their brushes once a month.

  • 33% of followers said they were guilty of never washing their brushes since purchasing them.

  • Baby shampoo and fairy liquid was the most common answer of what our followers washed their brushes with.

Here is a step by step guide to cleaning your brushes and to make sure you get the most out of them:
1. Dip each brush individually under hot running water, and then into a bowl of gentle shampoo or soap and rub gently with fingers to get a good lather for a few minutes.
2. Hold brushes under running water, checking until there’s no lather left on it. Hold for a further 2-3 seconds, ensuring they are sparkling clean. If I’m in a rush, I use the Brush Washing Mat, You can pick these up in Penneys (Primark). It will save HOURS of brush washing time as you swirl brushes over the tiny plastic teeth on the mat and it cleans them in at least half the time.
3. If there is still residue on the brush,  repeat the process. If not, squeeze the water out of the brush and lay it flat on a towel next to the sink to dry.
4. After all of the brushes are washed, lay them in a neat row underneath the radiator (if you stack them on top of each other, they don’t dry properly and smell strange – not good!)
5. Come back in the morning and your brushes will be as good as new!

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