Beauty Q&A with Amy Paphitis

In November we released a very exciting collaboration with beauty guru Amy Paphitis @amysmakeupbox. Since it’s release the Dare To Blend palette has gone from strength to strength and is now stocked on retail giant Pretty Little Thing.
Amy is a self taught makeup artist and is widely known for her YouTube channel’s content. She gained popularity there for her makeup tutorials and get ready with me videos. In the past Amy has worked with brands such as Huda Beauty, Laura Mercier and Kylie Cosmetics (impressive! right??)
We recently sat down Amy to get an inside track on her beauty insights.
1. What are your top makeup products? 
I couldn’t live without mascara, brow gel and my Madison makeup eyeshadow palette Dare To Blend !!
2. What are some of your fav skincare products? 
I love liz Earle products and swear by the overnight clearing gel by dermalogica, zaps those spots that are under the surface.
3. What’s your main philosophy towards your beauty regime?
Makeup starts with skincare. I take off my makeup and wash my face every morning and night, even if I’m drunk!
4. What are the best tricks you’ve picked up over the years? 
A damp sponge is the best application for foundation and always bend your mascara wands on the brush section to get an extra curl on your lashes!
5.  Who is your beauty/style crush?
My Beauty style crush would have to Desi Perkins, she’s absolute goals. Natural but glam!!
6. How do you maintain your hair?
I try not to wash it too much, max twice a week and I don’t use loads of heat on my hair, dry shampoo is my best friend! I also like to go darker in the winter and lighter in the summer, I stay seasonal!
7. Have you had to alter your beauty style throughout different decades? 
Yes. Yes. Yes. The school days were tragic, spider leg lashes and panda eyeliner not a good look. Beauty is like fashion trends, its always changing.
8. What are big beauty mistakes you would advise against?
Never sleep with your makeup on and don’t pick your spots with your fingers always use a clean spot popping tool!!
9. What is the biggest beauty myth?
“Eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller” incorrect, you just need to use it in the correct way for your eye shape and it’ll make your eyes look twice as big!!
10. Any beauty advice you’d like to pass on?
Embrace yourself and use makeup and the tools we have today to emphasise your own beauty!
For more on Amy, check out her YouTube channel ‘amysmakeupbox‘ where she uploads regular tutorials including ways to use our collaboration palette Dare To Blend

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