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Beauty Q&A with Veronica DeBarra

Q.1. What are your top make up products?

Would have to be the Madison Makeup primer for deffo I’m on my second bottle since it launched & love how smooth it makes the skin, Another staple of mine would be the Coty Airspun Powder I cannot do my makeup without it & Lastly I couldn’t forget my absolute favorite blush Milani Luminoso

Q.2. What are some of your favourite skincare products?

This is a no brainer & anyone who knows me well will agree that I love Dermalogica skincare I have been using it for years and have tried other products but haven’t found anything that I can say works the same so far. Also I cannot live without the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for blemishes it clears them up overnight!!🙌🏼

Q.3. What is your main philosophy towards your beauty regime?

I have a couple of things I always stick by and also tell anyone I know. So definitely At least cleanse your face once a day! Wear SPF daily even in bad weather you can still damage your skin & lastly wash your makeup brushes regularly the bacteria that builds on brushes is crazy so keeping them cleaned will protect your skin from any nasty germs or breakouts

Q.4. What are some of the best tricks of the beauty trade that you’ve picked up over the years?

Don’t follow the rules because in my eyes there are none! Do it how you want & look after your skin you don’t get another chance at that so keep it looking the best you can for as long as possible 😉

Q.5. Who is your own beauty style crush – someone that you think always gets their hair and make up looks right?

I’m definitely a huge fan of Kylie Jenner’s Hair & Makeup style it’s flawless every time but not too much! And very simple to recreate

Q.6. Have you had to alter your beauty style through different decades?

Oh definitely! I remember having those pencil thin brows and even if they do come back in I won’t be having them lol

Q.7. What is the best beauty advise you’d like to pass on?

Don’t follow the rules, Do it your way the way that works for you because in the beauty world I don’t believe in rules or certain order of doing things.

Q.8. What is your top beauty regime DON’T?

I know it’s tempting sometimes but don’t pick blemishes on your face, You will just spread them and create more problems and also can scar your face. Avoid touching your face often as this creates blemishes by increasing the sebum production & also our hands are full of germs (yuck!)

Q.9 What is the biggest beauty myth?

That you shouldn’t wear eyeshadow the same colour as your eyes this is so untrue, Sometimes wearing A similar shade can actually enhance the colour of the eye

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