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Q&A with CLE. Makeup

Q.1. What are your top make up products?


Mac Dark Golden Bronzer, Doll Beauty Highlighter, Maybelline Super Stay Foundation


Q.2. What are some of your favourite skincare products?


Tatcha The Water Cream, Osmosis Deep Clean Cleanser, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Q.3. What is your main philosophy towards your beauty regime?

Less is more – you don’t need a lot of products to maintain your skin condition.


Q.4. What are some of the best tricks of the beauty trade that you’ve picked up over the years?


Always start eyes first, this prevents fall out on the foundation.

Apply blusher to keep skin lifelike when using heavy products.

Ensure concealer is not too light.



Q.5. Who is your own beauty style crush – someone that you think always gets their hair and makeup looks right?

Kylie Jenner.


Q.6. Have you had to alter your beauty style through different decades?


No as I have not been doing make up that long


Q.7.  What is the best beauty advice you’d like to pass on?


Find your own style and work on developing and perfecting it.


Q8 What is your top beauty regime DON’T?

Don’t sleep with your makeup on.



Q.9 What is the biggest beauty myth?


I feel setting spray is a beauty myth – if they makeup is applied correctly, it doesn’t need setting spray.


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