Your Makeup Bag: Revamped

It’s time to get holiday ready and whatever that means to you, there’ll definitely be a holiday party or family gathering where you want to look your best. Make sure you’re primed and prepped to look (and more importantly feel!) your best with Madison’s run down of the makeup bag staples that will have you #InstaReady in a hot minute.


First things first, get rid of the old. It goes without saying that anything that’s noticeably goopy, gunky or falling apart should be dumped, stat! (Yes, even if it cost you a small fortune!) Lots of cosmetics come with a Period After Opening (PAO mark) — it’s the little symbol on the back of the package that looks like a little jar with a number on it. That number gives you the manufacturer’s estimate for how long after the first use a product will stay in peak condition. Listen to the experts- anything after that date needs to be binned.


Next, take a moment and ask yourself, really what products do  products you love? What do you wear every week? Which ones would you happily buy all over again? Which products are you just holding onto because someone gave it to you as a gift, or you spent a TON  of money on it and you feel bad throwing it out? Chuck. It. all. Odds are, you’ll be down to a very scant bag, and that’s okay. Now it it’s time to start refilling that baby — with the right products this time.



The key to makeup that looks great all day is starting with a solid base. A lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must, for all skin types, all times of year (even winter!), but you also want to make sure that your skin has a proper dose of moisture. This will prevent patches, flakes and creasing. Make sure your skincare is up to scratch before you even think about putting makeup on it.



If there’s one category where you’ll want to shell out for high-end makeup, it’s foundation. High-quality foundation and concealer are essential for making your look WORK. Things you need to consider are: coverage, undertones and key ingredients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! As for concealer, keep natural at the forefront of your mind. The key is for people to not even realise that you’re wearing it!


A flushed, healthy cheek suits EVERYONE. Powder blushes that are finely milled can be applied lightly and buffed out for a super-sheer flush. Choose a bright shade: you can tame down a ferocious hue but it’s more difficult to boost a neutral shade. And Contouring? Those highlighting and bronzing skills you’ve been honing over the last couple of years are still on trend for  for 2017, just pull it back a bit. More subtlety will be a welcome change in your look.



If just thinking about the bajillion eye shadow palettes out there breaks you into a cold sweat , fear not. You don’t actually need a ton of eyeshadow shades to get a gorgeous everyday look. In fact, one single eye shadow palette is enough for any girl out there. A Palette like Berry Bold (hyperlinked) has a selection of shades that are chosen to compliment each other and work just as well alone or altogether.

PRO TIP: Apply whatever shade you’re feeling all over the lid for a daytime smoky look, or just to the crease for added definition. Layer an extra shade for a more dramatic evening look.

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